Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Making Of Rome

Hi, guys, My name is Jing Zhang, this my first ‘making of’ tutorial on CGarchitect.

Before starting to introduce my project, I must thank CGarchitect and Jeff Mottle for giving me this opportunity to do so. Much appreciated. 

I have been fond of Rome buildings and decided to make a series of projects named ”Rome buildings’ in my leisure time. This is one of the projects in that series. 

I used 3ds Max, V-Ray and Photoshop in making these pictures.

The building was inspired by Chiesa di Santa Maria di Loreto.

The Final Image:


I. Preparation: I collected materials for the project, drew inspiration from pictures, websites and dreams : )
II. Modeling: I began modeling based on available data and my imagination. I usually use edittable poly for modeling. Trees, cars and lamp posts were mostly from Evermotion.
III. Texture: most texture were from CGTextures
IV. Lighting: I used VRay sun and HDRI.
V. Rendering and post production: I used V-Ray for rendering and Photoshop and AE for post production.


I spend quite some time collecting materials for the project. I’ve found lots of beautiful pictures from internet and magazines.


I used SketchUp to make building shapes and 3ds Max for more details. Columns and sculptures were from my model database.

Then I merged details, such as trees shrubs and lamp posts, into the scene.

I made ivy with “gwIvy”, a very good plugin.


Materials and Textures

I used mostly VR blend and VRAY dirt for materials.

Stone Material

Wall Material

Dome Materials

Stone ground materials


The lighting settings are very easy, I used HDRI, VR light Dome + VRsun

VRSun settings

Setting of VR Dome Light

Environment and HDRI

VRay camera setting

Rendering and Post Production

Rendering settings are nothing special. Most are default settings.

I completed post production with Photoshop, through brightness correction, color correction and added people in. Depth of field was achieved with After Effects.

OK, that’s how Rome was built – definitely not in one day, C&C will be mostly welcomed and appreciated. For more information of ‘Rome’ please visit my blog: jadecg.blogspot.com

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